Human trafficking and gender inequality: the role of a man.

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Six months in Kenya.

Just do it.

If you are considering volunteering abroad and can’t make up your mind I would definitely say – do it! Continue reading

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More military bombardment in Afghanistan is illogical and has proven not to work.

It is widely believed that Albert Einstein coined the phrase regarding the definition of insanity – which was, to do the same thing over and over and expect different results. I would argue that US foreign policy in Afghanistan and the Middle East more broadly is a good example of how such powerful institutions behaviour can be considered insane. Continue reading

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Human Trafficking in Kenya: higher risk during post-election violence.

2017 has been a historical year for Kenya.

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HAART Kenya gains support from the Irish Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya.

On Wednesday 26th July Awareness Against Human Trafficking (HAART Kenya) were delighted to have welcomed the Second Secretary; Teresa Sweeney, from the Irish Embassy in Nairobi to our shelter for victims of Human Trafficking. The Irish Embassy voiced its support in relation to working with HAART and assisting victims of trafficking in both Ireland and Kenya. Trafficking is a global problem not just an African or Asian problem. Continue reading

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CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT: Human Trafficking, Women and Terrorist Organisations.

“Another recruit reported that she was given in marriage to a jihadi who told her that as she was his gift, he could give her to his friends and colleagues. After she was passed around, and had fainted, she woke up in a strange safe house with several other women being trained for a jihadi mission. One girl refused and the instructors reported that she had been eviscerated and chopped up into several pieces.”

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Progress: A Shelter for Victims of Human Trafficking.

On the 8th of June I traveled to an undisclosed location in Kenya to visit HAART’s shelter for rescued victims of human trafficking. A few hours drive from the capital the area is quiet serene and it is a perfect setting for aiding the rehabilitation of victims of trafficking. Continue reading

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